rainbow's ; hyun young.
Interviewer: What American artist would you like to collaborate with?
Tablo: I would like to collaborate with the youngest of the Jonas Brothers. Not on music. I would like to make a humongous pizza with him. Like, take a lot of dough, and shape that into the biggest pizza you’ve ever seen.
Interviewer: Why is that?
Tablo: I don’t know, he just looks like a guy that would be really good at making pizza.
Interviewer: Pet peeves?
Tablo: My pet peeve is that I’m not a member of the Jonas Brothers. I could pretend to be their brother, but people could tell.
Interviewer: They have purity rings, they can’t have sex until their married. You didn’t know, now you don’t want to be a Jonas Brother.
Tablo: Well, that purity ring is fine, but that would get in the way of making the pizza. While we’re making the pizza just take it off for a second.
Interviewer: He can’t!
Tablo: We’re making a pizza, it’s not like we’re gonna make love.

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After School Bekah; “A Conspiracy.”

So after re-watching the Let’s Step up MV on youtube, I discovered something.

Yes, The dance moves were separated in a way that it separated AS Red and AS blue.

Then, lets take a look here. http://www.allkpop.com/2011/05/after-schools-bekah-explains-her-absence-from-lets-step-up

Its clearly said through Sports Chosun that bekah had injured her ankle, therefore she was absent in the “Lets Step Up” MV.

I think it was faked. Pledis made her announce that her ankle was injured because she wasn’t suited for AS Red and AS Blue that was already planned in the making. She was just an "Extra."

She didn’t suit the position when she was in the way of the others.

Then take a look here,http://www.dkpopnews.net/2011/10/news-bekahs-recent-tumblr-update.html . This Post was already deleted off her tumblr account. But I was a witness and plenty more that she had posted it. The message she wanted to portray was that Pledis wasn’t satisfied about her, thus her fake departure from After School. What I can conclude from all this is, Bekah wasn’t good enough for Pledis when it came to her Tap Dancing Skills. Pledis wasn’t satisfied about her tap dancing skills, therefore kicking her out from the Lets Step Up promotions and delaying her from leaving the group.

And then came AS Red and AS blue, that came perfectly without the need of Bekah.

After all, its just a “Conspiracy Theory.” What do you guys think?